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Hello and welcome to the 38th episode of The Trade, Making Comics for the Web & Print. This month's talk is a discussion involving the continued shit falling down the well out of Angouleme, interviews with new friends Bree and Chad, talk about Kickstarters new & old, and is it art theft if some portion of a comic is taken out of context & used in fine are? The discussion is based around this news article . Melony & a good portion of the Crew are all on board for this one.

So come get a glimpse into the lives of a bunch of beginners and see how they mess it all up along the way. Our hosts are as follows:

Matthew Parker - &

Melony Chitwood -  &  (blog)

Carrie Potter -  &

Jamie Dee Galey -

Dave Barrack -

Jake Richmond -

Robert Tritthardt -  &

Jimmy Steen -

Olivia Wylie -

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