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Rated for Adults as we do talk like drunken sailors at times.

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Hello and welcome to the 23rd episode of The Trade, Making Comics for the Web & Print. This month's talk is an interview with comics creator Jamie Dee Galey of Comics nonsense, tips, tricks and general silliness ensues.

Dave and Melony are your hosts this episode. Robert is going on a few month internet hiatus, so we may not hear from him for a bit.

Book/Website recommendations:
Capture Creatures by Frank Gibson (Author), Becky Dreistadt (Illustrator) 

 Die Homer -

The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer's Ted Talk

The Dark Lord's Handbook by Paul Dale

Yuko Shimizu's Skillshare Inking Class

So come get a glimpse into the lives of a bunch of beginners and see how they mess it all up along the way. Our hosts are as follows:

Melony Chitwood - Steam and Nonsense Tumblr (comics blog)

Carrie Potter - Juniper Comic

Dave Barrack - Grrl Power Comic

Jake Richmond - Modest Medusa Comic

Robert Tritthardt - Writhe and Shine Comic & Chance of Doom Comic

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