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The Trade: Episode 18 - The Long Game

Rated for Adults as we do talk like drunken sailors at times.

Hello and welcome to the 18th episode of The Trade, Making Comics for the Web & Print. This month's talk entails a discussion on a 2 part Vimeo video essay put out by Adam Westbrook called The Missing Chapter. Melony, Carrie, and Robert go in-depth into what this video essay means and how it points a good long finger at something all creators could use in their work. A solid step back. Curious to know more? Come get a glimpse into the lives of a bunch of beginners and see how they mess it all up along the way. Our hosts are as follows:

Melony Chitwood - (comics blog)

Carrie Potter -

Dave Barrack -

Jake Richmond -

Robert Tritthardt - &

Pierre Oat -

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